About Us

The Who

Bliss Business Services is the culmination of 17 years of the CEO and owner, Kirsty Murdoch, owning and operating several small successful businesses as well as helping and assisting other business owners in starting and growing their businesses. In addition, the CEO holds a Bachelor of Management degree from Athabasca University, an HR Diploma from Grant MacEwan University as well as other various  certificates and certifications in the realm of business, accounting, project management, Human Resources, operations management, coaching, etc.

The Why

Having held the positions of Director of Operations and Sr. Manager of HR and Business Services in small companies (under 75 people), Kirsty has first hand knowledge of what it takes to run all facets of an organization.

Kirsty has a passion for helping her clients navigate the business world. As a business owner herself and having spoken with countless other small business owners, she saw an obvious gap and solution to some very common problems.

How many times have you as a small business owner been frustrated because there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it? Or perhaps you don’t understand accounting and bookkeeping and just want someone else to do it for you that way you can forget about it and get back to doing what you love? Perhaps you need coaching or help with charting the growth of your company or help with Human Resource issues.

See, the gap that Kirsty noticed is that there’s lots of management consultants that work with medium to large clients. There are huge world wide firms that are dedicated to this, but there’s really nothing for the smaller businesses. Kirsty wanted to create a firm that could support most operational and administrative facets of a small organization. 

Armed with this knowledge and a deep desire to help out small companies, Bliss Business Services was born.

Why Us?

We truly LOVE being an extension of your team. We get to know your business inside and out and treat it as if it’s our own!

Bliss works with ALL small businesses, but the ones we really LOVE to work with are:

  • Businesses in the cannabis industry such as dispensaries and growers
  • Holistic companies such as such as Naturopaths, Massage therapists, Chiropractors, Reiki Masters, Psychologists, Coaches, etc.

Our Certifications

Bliss Business Services is a certified Advanced QuickBooks Pro and Online Advisor, and Certified Professional Bookkeeper through the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers Association of Canada.

You can rest assured knowing that all consulting and bookkeeping work is either performed by or overseen by an educated and certified consultant.