We Provide Small Businesses with Solutions to their Bookkeeping, Administrative and HR problems
Let us bring Bliss to your company!
Doing your own bookkeeping can be stressful and take time out of doing what's important to you, which is growing a successful and profitable business. We can help take the burden out of bookkeeping. 
In addition to bookkeeping, we also offer executive assistance, office and administrative services and management and Human Resource consulting.
HR Consulting
Small businesses often lack the time, money or manpower to devote to performing HR functions. Let us do your recruitment, design an employee manual, administrate your benefits, design policies, etc. Establishing HR processes and procedures in the beginning can minimize legal repercussions in the future. 
Executive Assistance
Small business owners often need an extra hand. Whether you need someone to manage your email and correspondances, book meetings or flights and accommodation, build and maintain a website or just help out with misc. errands, we have the experience that will get you though in a pinch. 
Office & Administrative Management
Small businesses need someone they can trust to manage odds and ends administrative tasks. If you need someone who can take dictation, design pamphlets, make or update webpages, help you move and design office layouts, create and manage a filing system, etc. We've got you covered!
Personal & Sole Proprietorship Tax Preparation
Wouldn't you love to go to a tax preparer that really knows you? A small office ensures that your tax preparer knows you and is familiar with your family and business. We can help you prepare your corporate taxes to be filed by a certified professional accountant or do your personal and sole proprietorship year end tax preparation and filing.
A Company Behind
"Our books were 8 months behind when I asked Bliss to take over. We had been going to an accounting firm that had bookkeeping services, but after we began asking questions about some questionable entries, and nobody knew the answer we began to loose confidence and hired Bliss to take over. They are amazing. They have got our books up to date and given us monthly financial reports so we know exactly how much we owe the government. They answered all of our questions confidentely and they also taught us how to read the reports so we would know if we were profitable".
"Thank You sooooo much Bliss!"
Cheryl W. 
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